News: Reflections on Virabhadrasana III


Join ParaYoga Level 1 certified teacher Chanti Tacoronte-Perez as she discusses Chapter 29 of The Four Desires on

Chanti says, "When we step onto our mat to practice we often come with determination. We aspire to do the poses; we want to master, conquer or “get it right.” What does that really look like in the body? Is it even about the shape our bodies form in an asana, or the movement of prana, energetic consciousness? In my experience, it is a little bit of both and I like to use bhavana (the cultivation of feeling or intention) to bridge them.

Our bodies and abilities are all different; when we find the internal alignment of the body that suits us best, then more prana is contained. The progression of our practice does not depend on how much we can do, but instead how we engage in the process, feel about ourselves, treat our body, and how much patience we can cultivate.  Asana is more about being aware than performance.  Have we learned to adjust so that we can sustain our fulfillment on the yoga mat and in our every day lives?"

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