News: The Four Desires Virtual Book Club Chapter 22

Join ParaYoga Level 1 certified teacher Chanti Tacoronte-Perez as she discusses Chapter 22 of The Four Desires on

Chapter 22: Fulfillment May Be waiting for You (To Change).
Stage Two of Non-Attachment 

Chanti says, "After we have released the weight of disappointment and emotional pain (stage-one vairagya) we have made room for growth. In stage-two vairagya, we learn from ourselves. On the surface it may seem easy to learn from past mistakes, but the challenge lies in viewing ourselves objectively.   When we do take stock of ourselves objectively, we create space to change unwanted habits. We release a certain pattern, way of thinking, or deep seated belief. This transition only happens through engagement of aspects of ourselves that we are less than thrilled about, even resentful of.  We choose to respond to pain as opposed to pushing it down or running from it."

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